New sustainable housing development to be built in Leeds suburb Kirkstall

CITU set to create its first suburban development in Kirkstall

Multi award winning Yorkshire developer CITU has announced plans to build Stall, its first suburban development in Kirkstall.

The company, which has a pioneering, sustainable approach to house building, has always constructed its eco-friendly, supremely energy efficient houses and apartments in run-down urban areas and the transformative effect of the architecture and the communities created in Sheffield's Kelham District and at the Climate Innovation District in Leeds on what was a desolate riverside site, has been remarkable.

CITU's decision to venture out into a suburb came after it was given the chance to buy a brownfield, canalside site by an old quarry in Kirkstall that would give residents quick and easy access into Leeds city centre, thereby protecting its sustainability credentials.

A computer generated image of the new CITU site in Kirkstall

Stall will comprise of 24 low carbon houses and 18 apartments and Jonathan Wilson, CITU's development director, said: "It's a great site and we justified building there because it is on the fringe of an urban area and there is no real need for a car. It is a 13 minute cycle ride on the canal towpath into the city centre and there is also a railway station in Kirkstall so residents can catch a train into central Leeds. They could, of course, walk if they preferred."

He adds: "We will be building the properties in our factory at the Climate Innovation District in Leeds and the interiors have been designed to capture views and there will be decks cantilevering over the canal."

Like all CITU properties, the houses and apartments will be built using Passivhaus principles and will cost next to nothing to run thanks to air tightness, triple glazed windows and high levels of insulation while mechanical heat and ventilation units will ensure the homes are warm and have filtered fresh air. For more details visit