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Our love affair with mid-century design is still going strong. It is a key interiors trend for 2019.

It has enjoyed a spectacular renaissance over the past decade and our love affair with mid-century modern design continues. It has been highlighted as a key trend for 2019 .

Writer and vintage enthusiast Victoria Benn is a keen advocate of the style, which has its roots in the 1950s, 0s and 70s.

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Her home, near Grassington, features rooms inspired by mid-century design. S

Here, using leading British, modernist design duo John and Sylvia Reid as inspiration, she has the following tips for sourcing and creating the mid-century look:

Room layout. Mid-century designer architects like the Reids were hot on creating open plan living arrangements which encouraged the free movement of light around a space, making it feel larger, brighter and more accessible and informal. Try creating ‘zones' within your space using tall furniture such as the John & Sylvia Reid S-Range S203 Storage Unit and corresponding S220 Shelf Unit.

Walls and floors. Mid-century colour schemes favoured largely neutral walls to accentuate a single feature wall, rug, curtains or a piece of artwork. When styling mid-century try to think of the walls and floors as a canvas upon which to showcase your modernist furniture and accessories.

A typical mid-century colour palette might include muted but impactful tones, such as mustard yellow, moss green, khaki and orange.

Furniture. No mid-century interior is complete without a fabulous piece of furniture as its focus. Choose wisely − find a stunning sideboard or an iconic chair and you will have the perfect focal point.

New generation designer re-issues from the likes of John and Sylvia Reid make it easy to find the authentic pieces. Look out for the collectible, re-issued classics such as the Reids' S201 Sideboard Unit and S411 Armchair.

Art and accessories: Since mid-century furniture was designed with stylish storage in mind, the sideboards of the era generally feature long, smooth expansive tops - perfect for displaying vintage collectibles, such as Whitefriars or other art glass, ceramics and stunning studio pottery. Vintage shops and fairs are good hunting grounds.

Art is a fantastic way of drawing attention to a specific wall and adding an injection of colour. Artwork of the era was abstract or mass market kitsch - both of which can be picked up quite reasonably. You can also frame vintage fabrics. Choose something big and bold which makes a statement.

*For good quality mid-century classics check out The Home at Salts Mill, Saltaire,

For reissues of John and Sylvia Reid's S-range furniture visit

Vintage fairs are fantastic hunting grounds as are specialist shops such as Space Vintage in Harrogate, and Pool Bank Interiors, near Otley, which has a fantastic array of original vintage items,