Gardening jobs for the week ahead

Well, it seems as though normal service has resumed on the weather front. But if there is a break in the rain, here some jobs to be getting on with...

It's a good time to cut back growth in your hanging-baskets.

Keep watering – especially young plants and any in containers. And feed mature plants in pots.

Layer and take cuttings of pinks and carnations – it’s not a particularly difficult job.

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Deadhead flowers as they fade – it’s a chore but it will encourage plants to produce even more blooms.

Anyone planning a new lawn should prepare the ground by removing weeds and stones, levelling the soil etc.

Cutting back growth in hanging-baskets can encourage new flowers and foliage and will revive the display. Make sure you that feed your baskets well after doing this.

To encourage new growth and more blooms, cut back hardy geraniums after the first flush of flowers.