How to sell your home this spring

Peak home selling time is almost here. Here are some tips on how to get your house ready for quick sale this spring.

Make sure your home looks its best before you put it on the market. Picture by Marks and Spencer

The sunny weather we have enjoyed this week is a timely reminder that Spring is on its way.

The season officially changes on March 21 and with it comes what has traditionally been peak home selling period.

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Thanks to Brexit uncertainty, there is no telling yet whether the market will see a boom in new sellers coming to the market or whether it will be a steady trickle, though estate agents report signs that people are fed-up with putting moving plans on hold.

The window between the distractions of Christmas and the summer holiday period is popular for many reasons.

Many would-be sellers want their garden in bloom before viewings and it’s the time when people start thinking about making a move after the long push through the two most depressing months of the year - January and February.

If you are planning to put the “For Sale” sign up, estate agent Mark Manning, MD of Manning Stainton, has plenty of advice.

“He says: “Spring is a great time to put your house on the market. However, because it’s such a popular time to sell, you need to make sure your house looks its absolute best to make it stand out from the rest.

“If you can attract as many buyers as possible through the door then you are more likely to get the top asking price.”

Mark has this budget-friendly advice on how to get your house ready for a spring sale:

1. Freshen up your interior. Spending a couple of days sprucing up your property’s interior can make a huge difference when it comes to attracting buyers.

Clean, newly-painted walls make a property look its best and create a great first impression. So, get your paint brushes out and freshen up any walls with marks and stains on them. Don’t forget woodwork either. Chipped paintwork on skirting boards and doors can

really let an otherwise great-looking room down. Make sure you pay attention to detail and paint over any scuffs and chips.

2. Tidy up your kitchen and bathroom. Kitchens and bathrooms can make or break a sale, so make sure yours look their best.

Give tired- looking bathrooms a makeover by hiding any unsightly pipework and by repairing or replacing worn tiling and investing in some stylish new taps. Hide bathroom clutter, such as shampoo bottles, bleach, packets of loo rolls etc.

In the kitchen, take a look at worktops and doors and if they’re looking worn then replace them. This will totally transform the room without the expense of having to replace the cabinets.

New flooring can have a similar transformative effect. If yours looks a little shabby, replace it with something that’s hard-wearing and easy-to-clean.

3. Don’t forget to the outside of the house.

Spring will soon be in full bloom so embrace it and make sure your garden or yard looks great. Trim back all trees and bushes, take out all the weeds and mow your lawn.

Also make sure that patios, paths and decking are moss-free and clean. A pressure washer will get rid of most things.

If you have a shed or garage, give it a good clean and re-paint any peeling paintwork too, as a beautiful garden can easily be let down by scruffy-looking outbuildings.

4. Create the dream. People buy into certain lifestyles and outdoor living is one of them. The sun may not always shine but everyone wants to see how they could enjoy long summer days at home, so help them do just that by staging your outside area.

Turn your garden or yard into the ultimate outdoor oasis by investing in some attractive outdoor furniture, a barbeque and some potted plants. Buyers will be able to imagine themselves enjoying the space and be more inclined to buy.

5. Declutter and clean. A clean house is imperative. Buyers are put off by anything that looks grubby. I would advise anyone looking to sell to either do a deep clean themselves or to hire a company to do it for them.

A thorough clean really does make a difference and helps show off a property’s full potential.

Get rid of all your clutter too . If you can’t bear to part with it, then put it in storage or up in your loft. A streamlined property will look larger, lighter and be far more attractive to buyers.

6. Let there be light. No one wants to live in a gloomy, stuffy house, so make the most of the natural light in your property. Get rid of blinds and dark curtains that block light, or at least pull them up and back, and have all your windows cleaned before any viewings take place. You wouldn’t believe the difference this makes.

7. Get everything in order. Getting everything serviced before you put your house on the market as this will make buyers feel like it’s a well-loved, looked after property.

Get your boiler serviced, have chimneys swept and make sure you have all warranties and certificates to hand for any major work you have done.