Looking for bathroom tiles? Look to Lapicida

Interior design for the bathroom can be as bold, daring, timeless or classic as you wish, thanks to this Yorkshire business.

Create statement walls and floors using bookmatched marble or porcelain for the ultimate in luxury

Lapicida’s extensive tile collection includes natural stone, porcelains and ceramics, in a wide range of styles, sizes and colours, offering endless design possibilities when creating your dream bathroom.

They work with top British and international designers, as well as individual home-owners with a flair for style.

If you want to add a splash of decadent décor to your home, here are some of the key looks to go for.

Innovative Semblance porcelain features anti-bacterial qualities

Limestone Lift

Soft, light and inviting, the exquisite look and feel of limestone is one of the reasons it’s so popular for bathroom interiors. Lapicida’s range includes a fantastic selection of warm, earthy limestone floors and walls; they are perfect for lifting and brightening up a scheme and can provide an amazing contrast to darker tiles.

Bookmatched Feature Walls

Bookmatched marble has become a key trend in today’s interiors. Using natural marble slabs to create geometric feature floors and walls is the height of luxury for bathrooms. Lapicida’s porcelain collection offers all the luxury of natural stone but with all the ease and durability of porcelain.

Add bursts of colour to create an on-trend look for your bathroom

Bring Drama to the Bathroom

More and more, people are looking to make a statement in the bathroom, using highly decorative wall and floor tiles to bring drama to interiors. Florals, animal murals and Mediterranean designs are proving extremely popular and are perfect for adding that extra pop to bathroom interiors.

Surfaces of the Future

The last few years has forced us to look at the future of home design, and how interiors can be safeguarded against the challenges we face. Increasingly, people are looking for anti-bacterial products for the home. Manufactured using the latest technology, Lapicida now offer a range of porcelains which are highly practical, hygienic and water resistant. Infused with an antibacterial shield, they have a protective layer that eliminates up to 99.9% of bacteria.

Luxury Stone

When it comes to bathrooms, the gold standard will always be luxurious natural materials such as marble, especially when expertly cut to reveal the veining, with historic stonemasonry techniques such as book-matching and vein-cutting seeing a new resurgence. Lapicida’s dramatic marbles can be used to create fabulous quarter or bookmatched walls. With striking variation in veining from light to dark grey, they provide the perfect backdrop for vanities and baths, adding a sense of cool elegance to bathroom interiors.

Colour Drench

Adding bursts of colour is very on-trend for bathroom interiors. Lapicida’s collection includes a kaleidoscope of colours, from deep rich greens and bold blues to joyous yellows and pretty pinks.

A Yorkshire company with a strong international reputation, Lapicida works with top architects and designers as well as individual customers all over the world. The business operates from an extraordinary three-acre complex in Knaresborough, the perfect place to find inspiration amongst hundreds of products for indoors and out.

In the adjacent workshops, Lapicida’s artisan stonemasons work alongside technicians operating advanced stone-working equipment, together creating bespoke floors, walls and objects. This melding of traditional stonemasonry and high-tech process sets Lapicida apart, enabling them to offer both natural stone and stone-alternative products for virtually any situation and budget.

Visit the showroom Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm and Saturday, 9am to 3pm at Lapicida, St James Park, Knaresborough HG5 8PJ or visit them online at www.lapicida.com Phone 01423 400100