Q&A: Best time to plant spring-flowering bulbs

September is often considered the main month for planting spring-flowering bulbs, although the majority of tulips prefer to go into the ground later in the year (October and even November).

As for what to grow in your lawn...the smallest bulbs will be struggling to get above grass level, while the biggest, like alliums, are architecturally unsuitable for such treatment. But if you like a particular bulb, try it. With small bulbs such as crocus (left) and miniature daffodils, lift a piece of turf (cut three sides and open it up like a book) and place the bulbs on the soil. Then replace the turf. With larger bulbs, get yourself a bulb planter which will allow you to dig a hole for each bulb.

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Healthy bulbs planted now should do well next spring. When they have finished flowering, leave their foliage to die down naturally – don’t cut it off because it weakens the bulbs.

Think about filling a few containers with dwarf bulbs – anemone, grape hyacinth, chionodoxas and iris, which can be moved around to brighten up even the darkest corner.