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Designs by Jamie Hempsall
Designs by Jamie Hempsall
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Yorkshire Post Magazine Live is nearly upon us. Interior Designer Jamie Hempsall paints a picture of what to expect from him there.

AS you read this there will only be three more days to go before the Yorkshire Post Magazine Live Event at the Pavilions of Harrogate and I am really looking forward to it.

Designs by Jamie Hempsall

Designs by Jamie Hempsall

At present the office is totally focused on the event, making our last minute preparations and doing a bit of fine-tuning to the three key-note presentations we will be delivering at the weekend.

I certainly believe that this event will bring something very special to the region. It still seems to be a popular misconception in the interiors industry that anything of excellence has to centre around Chelsea Harbour and the Kings Road in London, be it suppliers or clientele.

However, 19 years of practical experience means that I know that this simply is not the case. This region has a wealth of exciting design talent, superb manufacturers and craftsmen – not to mention a terrific pool of customers who are genuinely turned on to the very best that interior design has to offer.

We have taken the opportunity to create a special Sitting Room set for the event that will feature fabrics and products from some of the country’s top suppliers. You can expect to see items from the likes of Porta Romana, Julian Chichester, Jonathan Charles, James Hare, Mulberry, The Rug Company and Wemyss Houles.

One of the things we adore creating as part of our everyday work is an eclectic mix incorporating state of the art design along with treasured family pieces. Our stand will reflect this and show you that interior design is not all about throwing everything away and starting again. Good pieces stand the test of time and, where necessary, can often be updated very simply to create a wonderful new piece that can end up being the star of the show! I warn you though not to expect a sea of cream and taupe: I am a great fan of colour and, as any client or friend will tell you, simply do not do beige interiors. Over my many years in the business I have often been presented with clients who are initially afraid of colour, but only because they do not know how to incorporate it to their advantage.

People can find colour a challenge because they do not make brave enough choices or lack full commitment to their scheme. With this in mind I will be leading a presentation session focusing on the effective use of colour to inspire people to create successful and bold schemes There will also be a workshop on the importance of using texture throughout your home. During this I will highlight the many benefits, which go well beyond the simple tactile. If you want to know more, you simply need to pop along. Admission is free, so you have nothing to lose. In the third presentation I will be helping to guide readers on their way to creating the perfect interior scheme. This last session will focus on the creative process, giving attendees a valuable insight into the world of the interior designer. It will help people to overcome the fear of that important first step by answering the question most often posed to me “Where do you find your inspiration?”. I will also let you into some important industry pointers and personal tips to help ensure your success.

Jamie will be at the Yorkshire Post Magazine Live Event this weekend at the Pavilions of Harrogate. More information