Twelve of Yorkshire’s most wonderful walks and activities to enjoy this Yorkshire Day 2021 including kitesurfing and hang gliding

Here are 12 of Yorkshire’s most idyllic walks and action-packed activities to enjoy on Yorkshire Day 2021.

A woman in the caves of Nidderdale. (Pic credit: James Hardisty)

With its history and culture that spans centuries, it’s no surprise that Yorkshire is considered to be one of the most beautiful counties to take a nice stroll.

With Yorkshire Day on August 1, experts at the outdoor footwear brand, SCARPA, have put together a list of the most scenic walks and thrilling activities to celebrate God’s Own Country.

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Scenic Walks and Climbs

1. Ingleton Waterfalls Trail

Buried deep in the Yorkshire Dales, this breathtaking waterfall trail is a 4.5-mile hike along the edge of two rivers.

Take a relaxing walk along the banks of the River Twiss, through Swilla Glenn, where you can embed a coin in the coin tree, and moving on to the Pecca Falls, Pecca Twin Falls, Holly Bush Spout and Thornton Force.

It takes roughly around two to three hours to make your way around, but don’t forget to take a well-deserved break at the trail’s most famous waterfall, Thornton Force, where you can take stunning pictures.

The river flows a deep 14 metres over the limestone and is considered the best place to have a picnic break.

2. Ribblehead Viaduct Loop

This stunning landmark is located in the North Yorkshire countryside, along the Cumbrian border.

It is an intoxicating four-mile hike which follows the Settle-Carlisle railway track, before you head up towards the small, cobbled village of Dent.

The viaduct was built back in the 19th century with over 1.5 million bricks and has 24 arches. There is a breathtaking view of the countryside and beautiful landscapes.

3. Wainstones Walk

This eight-mile hike takes you through the blissful North York Moors National Park, where you can find the most spectacular views.

If you are a lover of big sky views and dreamy sunsets, then this is the perfect place for you as you hike through the rocks and the moors.

You would need to be an avid climber as this is a challenging hike with lots of steep hills, but it will all be worth it when you get to the top where you can enjoy a view of North Yorkshire.

4. Flamborough Head

For those who are more inclined to stick to easy walks with glorious views, this is the one for you. With its incredible chalk cliffs and the sea breeze hitting your face as you enjoy a relaxed meander along the 2.4-mile walk along the coast, this walk is perfect for a family day out.

The landmark to look out for when on the hike is the well-known Flamborough Head lighthouse.

Release your inner-David Attenborough, as you enjoy a bit of bird watching and looking out for wildlife and nature.

5. Malham Cove

This limestone covered formation with a height of 70 metres above the Yorkshire Dales is the perfect spot to appreciate the natural beauty of God’s Own Country.

It is the ideal hike for climbers who enjoy scaling its white limestone, with 280 climbs to choose from, whatever level you are at.

6. Giggleswick South Crags

This is one of Yorkshire’s most favoured climbing spots, close to Settle in North Yorkshire. Just like Malham Cove, the grey limestone crags provide hundreds of climbing routes for beginners and experienced climbers.

Is it scorching that day? Not to worry, as Giggleswick South is split into two parts, South Upper and South Lower, both buried under dense tree coverage, which protects climbers from the heat on hot days.

7. Gordale Scar

This Yorkshire Dales National Park gem is a limestone ravine that includes a magnificent deep gorge that has been formed over millions of years.

It has two waterfalls and limestone cliffs as high as 330ft, a must for climbers across Yorkshire and the rest of the country, with over 100 climbs suitable for everyone.

With its history and culture that spans centuries, it’s no surprise that Yorkshire is considered to be one of the most beautiful counties to take a nice stroll.

8. Caley Crags

Located in Leeds, West Yorkshire, the Caley Roadside Boulders can be discovered amidst the greenery of the Yorkshire countryside. Climbers can often make their way up to enjoy some of the best bouldering views in the country.

With an endless number of climbing routes, these boulders offer some modest gradients for climbing beginners as well as more difficult routes, like the Sugarloaf and Blockbuster climbs.

Activities for thrillseekers

9. Kitesurfing at Cayton Bay

This extreme sport involves a large kite and wind power which pulls the surfer along the water, land or snow. It’s perfect for daredevils and you can experience the thrill here in Yorkshire.

Situated in Scarborough, Cayton Bay caters to all surfers and kitesurfers alike who enjoy the ride of their lives on some of the best waves in the area.

10. Caving in Nidderdale

What better way to appreciate all Yorkshire has to offer on Yorkshire Day than to explore its most incredible caves surrounded by the natural beauty of Yorkshire’s national parks.

Tour the underground networks, tunnels and passageways nestled within the countryside, which offers a variety of exhilarating caving experiences in an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB).

Thrillseekers who visit Nidderdale’s How Stean Gorge can relish the horizontal and vertical underground trails, where you can paddle through water, scale underground waterfalls and slide through mud.

11. Hang Gliding over Wensleydale Valley

With an array of the most stunning countryside views in the UK, Yorkshire’s landscape is endless and what better way to soak in its beauty than from up in the sky?

Hang gliding is a recreational air sport in which a pilot flies a light, non-motorised hang glider - and it’s possible to do it here in Yorkshire.

You regularly fly over the Yorkshire Dales and the North Yorkshire Moors from March to October - peak seasons. Perfect for August.

12. White Water Rafting at River Washburn

Did you know that you can experience the stimulation of water rafting from the comfort of your home county?

Situated close to the town of Harrogate, the River Washburn is the ideal location for adventurers to go white water rafting. Perfect for a summer’s day.