Yorkshire weather forecast for Bonfire Night 2021: Latest prediction for Fireworks Night in the region

With Bonfire Night right around the corner, let’s take a look at what the weather will be like in Yorkshire.

Fireworks. (Pic credit: Gerard Binks)

People are preparing for the next occasion of the season, whether they are the organisers of Bonfire Night setting up the chopped up wood for the bonfire or the guests seeking out their wellies, scarfs and hats for the big night.

Bonfire Night fans are in for a treat as according to the Met Office, it will be relatively dry and warmer than previous days on November 5.

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It will turn cloudier from the northwest during Friday, with some outbreaks of patchy light rain and drizzle, mainly on the hills.

It will be drier elsewhere and less cold than previous days, however, it is expected to be breezy, so it is still worth taking necessary precautions by wearing a hat, scarf and coat. The maximum temperature will be 12C.

Saturday and Sunday

For some towns and cities, Bonfire Night celebrations will take place on Saturday, November 6, when it is expected to be wet and windy weather in southeastern areas of Yorkshire.

Sunday will see some brighter periods with some showers, winds gradually easing. It is predicted to be dry with sunny spells after a colder start.

UK weather forecast for next week

According to the Met Office, it’s possible that there will be blustery showers in the east and north east at the start of the week, but they will be quickly clearing.

Generally, there will be plenty of fine, dry weather with long spells of sunshine. Initially it will feel colder, with possible frosty weather, particularly in the north.

There will be rain and thicker clouds steadily encroaching from the west. Places with low pressure to the north or northwest of the UK will then bring unsettled conditions, largely affecting the north and west, with some heavy rain and strong winds, followed by cooler, more showery periods.

“The driest and brightest weather is likely to be in the southeast where rain bands will often be weak,” the weather service said.

“Temperatures generally around average through this period, although brief cold spells are possible.”