Ping Pong Fight Club set to be a smash hit in Leeds

Ping Pong Fight Club, an inter-business ping pong tournament, is set to be a smash hit in Leeds.

Ping Pong Fight Club takes place at the Corn Exchange on Thursday, October 12,

The event takes its name from mimicking the underground feel of the Fight Club movie, with an eight-table ‘fighting' arena, where local companies will go head to head for bragging rights to be crowned Ping Pong Fight Club Champions.

Organiser say it promotes team building, networking and fundraising - five per cent of all registration fees to locally based good causes.

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This special one-off event, in conjunction with Leeds Digital Festival, held earlier this year, is coming to Leeds Corn Exchange on the evening of Thursday, October 12,

Now, in its sixth year, this will be the first time Ping Pong Fight Club has been staged outside of London.

The spectacle is backed by the world’s second largest beer brand, Tsingtao, and plans to bring together 16 local companies, with four players per team. Hundreds of supporters are also expected.

A spokesperson for organisers Pongathon explained: “The event mimics the underground feel of the Fight Club movie.

“There will be an eight-table fighting arena where ping pong gladiators will go head-to-head for their company’s bragging rights to be crowned Ping Pong Fight Club Champions.

“There will also be a unique mix of DJs, pop-up and speed networking ping pong bars, street food, fight-off challenges, ping pong robots, social zones and Tsingtao’s famous Beer Pong Championships.

“Face painters will be drawing company logos, battle scars and butterflies and with the ‘Chancers Championships’ giving first round losers another chance at glory – everyone is involved until the very last ball hit!”

Companies in Leeds can apply to take part. For more information and to register interest, visit

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