Seven dog-friendly travel tips for the Easter holidays to make the journey comfortable for your pooch

Canine experts have shared their top tips for a dog-friendly holiday during the Easter period.

With the Easter holidays, many dogs will be spending more time with their families in cars up and down the country.

To make the journey as fun and comfortable as possible, experts at Canine Cottages have revealed their dog-friendly travel tips to make sure you and your pooch have the time of your lives.

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Digital PR manager at Canine Cottages, Shannon Keary, said: “With international travel still uncertain, more and more people will be embarking on long UK-wide journeys with their furry friends this year.

Dog experts have shared travel tips for families with pets. (Pic credit: Ezra Acayan / Getty Images)

“Travelling with dogs can be a stressful time, with many dogs anxious or uncomfortable while in the car. We hope these dog-friendly travel tips will help anyone looking to take their dog on holiday know how to keep their pooches safe and sound while travelling.”

1 - Do your research

Before taking your dog away, it’s important to do your own research on the area you are travelling to.

A good idea would be to check any dog-friendly attractions, pubs and events before your trip and discover which walks and activities you would like to do once you get there.

2 - Be prepared

It is very important to be prepared in worst case scenarios while you are away.

Having pet insurance is the most reliable way to ensure you are covered if anything happens to your pet while you are away.

It’s also a good idea to scope out where the nearest vet office is too just in case.

3 - Secure your dog when driving

Many people let their dog run freely in the car, but having a crate, harness or guard for your pet to sit in comfortably will make the long journey safer and more comfortable for you and your pet.

It can also help stop your dog distancing you while driving, or worst, escaping to sit with you while at the wheel.

4 - Stop for regular breaks

Just like with humans, dogs need to have breaks during long journeys too, so make sure you take frequent stops every now and then so that your dog can have a bathroom break and stretch their legs.

5 - Never leave your dog alone

This is one of the most important tip of all: never leave your dog alone in the car, even with a window cracked open, as cars can become extremely hot in the summer, and it can take just 15 minutes for a dog to suffer a fatal heatstroke.

Even in cooler months, leaving your dog alone can leave them vulnerable to theft, so never leave them unattended.

6 - Take plenty of water and treats

Having fresh water during the journey is essential for your dog to keep them hydrated, so always make sure you take some bottled water and give some to your pet during your breaks.

If you are travelling for long hours, make sure you have food available, and reward your dog with treats if they are being good too.

7 - Help them relax

Travelling can take a toll on dogs, so certain things like sticking to the same feeding and walking routine as you have at home can really help your dog relax while away from home.

Make sure you are giving your dog plenty of love and hugs will also help them relax in the unfamiliar environment.