It just looked like a normal terraced house in York from the outside...

Take a look inside this Harry Potter-style Air BnB created inside a Yorkshire terraced house

This incredible Air BnB has been created by a designer with a love for all things Harry Potter.

By Grace Hammond
Wednesday, 18th May 2022, 12:10 pm

Hannah Chapman, 29, spent £40,000 renovating her two bedroom terraced house in York into a wizard-themed Air BnB, complete with levitating candles, a potion cabinet, and a cauldron.

For £198 a night, visitors can sleep in bunkbeds just like those in Hogwarts boarding houses, while the bathroom also has a distinctly Slytherin feel, which features green tiling and a metallic snake weaving its way up the sink.

For the warm summer evenings, guests can also retire to the courtyard, where there is a chiminea fire pit to sit around and tell spooky stories.

Hannah, who moved to York in her 20s to study at Northern College of Costume, says it offers guests an escape from reality.

She said: "Some people might find it a little spooky if they come to stay, but the house generally gives a warm and comfortable feel.

“There’s no dark magic. We’ve only got friendly love potions in there – so nothing bad. And if you’re a Harry Potter fan in particular, or if you like that sort of thing, then you’ll just find it very cosy.”

Take a look inside here. (All photos by SWNS)

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