Can I take food and drink in my hand luggage when flying with EasyJet, Ryanair and TUI?

Depending on the airline, there are certain restrictions when it comes to bringing food and drink in your hand luggage when travelling abroad.

Not all airlines provide in-flight meals along with flight prices, so it is only natural that travellers want to take food and drink in their hand luggage just in case.

Here are the rules when it comes to food and drink in hand luggage when flying with each airline.

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Ryanair planes at Leeds Bradford Airport. (Pic credit: Tony Johnson)

You can bring hot drinks on board if you have bought them at the airport and they have a lid on.

You can also bring alcohol onboard the plane as long as it was bought in the airside departure lounge into the cabin as long as it’s unopened. The alcohol must be lower than 70 per cent ABV (alcohol by volume), and packed either in an airport shopping bag or in your cabin bag. It is strictly forbidden to drink any alcoholic beverages that have not been purchased on board the aircraft and those found consuming their own alcohol may face prosecution.

You can bring food into the cabin, however, there is a 100ml limit for liquid food, like soup or custard. The regulations on importing food and drink differ from country to country, so it is important that you check the rules for your destination.

When it comes to baby food and drink, as long as the total amount doesn’t exceed more than one litre, the 100ml liquid limit doesn’t apply to baby food, milk or sterilised water.


You can take any food and drink you like in your hand luggage, as long as there are no hot drinks.


You can carry liquid baby foods or baby milk that is either pre-packaged or made up at home and you can also carry foods for special dietary requirements as long as it is essential for the flight or holiday.

You will just need to give any food or baby milk to staff when you go through airport security as it needs to be screened separately.

You can take liquids as long as you remove the plastic bag from your hand luggage as it also gets screened separately.

All liquids bought from duty free must be carried in a sealed security bag - you will be given the bag when you buy the item at the airport. You will need to keep the item and the receipt sealed in the security bag throughout the journey.

However, food items and powders in your hand luggage can block images on x-ray machines, so your bags may need to be checked again manually by security.

It is recommended that you put these items in your hold luggage to minimise delays.