Holiday spots hit +40C! Here's how to stay safe during Europe's record breaking heatwave

With thousands looking to find the sun abroad this summer, Brits are being warned about a record breaking heatwave currently affecting southern and eastern Europe.

The heatwave is setting records in Europe

Visitors to the Balkan countries (including Croatia, Romania and Greece) as well as Italy, Portugal and southern Spain are being advised by Meteoalarm to prepare to prepare for temperatures in excess of 40 degrees in some areas.

This summer has already seen temperatures in Europe spark wildfires across the continent with fires in France, Greece, Italy and more with a forest fire in Portugal claiming the lives of 64 people in June.

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Italy is also experiencing its worst drought in 60 years.

With temperatures today set to reach 41 degrees in Seville, 40 degrees in Rome and 38 degrees in Madrid, the World Health Organisation (WHO) advises how you can prepare for the European heatwave:

Who is most at risk?

WHO says the following people are at risk during a heatwave:

Elderly people (65 years or older)

People with chronic health conditions in all age groups;

Holiday makers who are using medicines that affect the temperature regulation system in the body

People with lower levels of fitness, persistent dehydration, extreme fatigue, etc.

How can you stay cool?

To stay safe during a heatwave WHO recommends:

keeping informed on the weather by regularly checking the weather forecast and listening to the authorities’ recommendations

keeping your home cool and staying out of the heat

keeping your body cool and well hydrated

helping others who are at risk.

If you have a known health condition:

apply the recommended protective actions above

take medication(s) as prescribed by your doctor

keep prescribed medicine(s) below 25 °C or in the refrigerator (read the storage instructions on the packaging)