Investment needed in rail and road, says Gordon Johnson

Gordon Johnson MBE  is standing as an independent candidate in Thirsk and Malton
Gordon Johnson MBE is standing as an independent candidate in Thirsk and Malton
Promoted by Gordon Johnson, parliamentary candidate for Thirsk and Malton

A Filey man standing for election in Thirsk and Malton on Thursday, 12 December, has called for major investment into the UK’s rail and road infrastructure.

Gordon Johnson MBE, who is standing as an independent candidate ‘for the people’s party’ in the upcoming election, says a spending boost on the nation’s travel networks is a key priority.

“Railways need to be completely changed, not only to provide high speed travel but also to be able to take all people at a reasonable cost,” says the former magistrate and member of Filey Town Council.

“The same goes with respect to roads, which in many cases need to be reengineered to give them a longer life.”

Mr Johnson, a chartered engineer, has been involved in local community groups for decades since he first moved to the area in the late 1950s, leading both Scout and Sea Scout groups and as a school governor.

As well as continuing to run his own engineering consultancy, he is a fellow of the Institute of Directors as well as a number of other chartered professional institutions. A Justice of the Peace, Mr Johnson has also chaired the advisory board of Nacro, a national social justice charity working to reduce crime and strengthen communities.

As well as a major spending boost in the road and rail infrastructure, he also plans to fight for extra funding for public services if he is elected as an MP.

“One will endeavour to use the land and the equipment on it, like homes, businesses and recreation areas, in a good activity for mothers and children of various ages, including boys and young men between the ages of 16 and 18 in a way whereby education is ongoing and beneficial,” he explains.

Mr Johnson, who supports the prime minister Boris Johnson’s promises on “education, family affairs and fracking” but is clear that he will “oppose any ideas that go against the good of the people”, wants to cut down on waiting times for anyone needing assistance and says a shake-up of the support system is needed.

“I would eliminate the possibility of time to which a person requires assistance. One would ensure that any organisation that deals with people would be correctly organised and provide facilities to all.”

He also hopes for an overhaul of the way we generate electricity; according to the Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy, half a million British homes have panels installed but the government ended incentive payments for generating solar energy in your home on 31 March this year, meaning they have been left with panels which are redundant, in some cases, he says.

“The question of electrical generation, we would need to change,” confirms Mr Johnson, adding that the climate crisis is also high on his agenda.

“The question of climate change would require that certain buildings or housing and associated other buildings, for example cliff or hill faces, would need additional support, and subsequently fracking would not be allowed.”

Gordon Johnson can be contacted on 01723 512411 or on 07713 628676.

This content has been paid for by Gordon Johnson, independent general election candidate in the Thirsk and Malton constituency, and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Yorkshire Post.