The secret hidden beach which claims to be England's highest is situated right here in Yorkshire

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With half term upon us, the need to keep the kids entertained is at the top of every carer's list.

Getting out in the fresh air is also a top priority when it comes to keeping the little ones entertained.

That is why a trip to England's HIGHEST beach, which is situated right her in Yorkshire, could provide the perfect day out.

With many residents opting for east coast haunts such as Scarborough for years, the main road there, the A64, can become very congested.

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So why not try turning the other way and heading to a little gem of a beach that not many people know exist?

Gaddings Dam, which is located right in the heart of the Pennines, is situated above Todmorden.

There's is also sand and plenty of lovely walks in the area to fill up a day.

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The quickest way to Gaddings Dam is down the M62 towards Todmorden. It is 355 metres above sea level and 60 miles inland at Lumbutts village.

It is worth noting there is no road access to Gaddings Dam.

The site can only be reached by a steep hike on a rough footpath to the top of the moors, so make sure you take suitable footwear and are well prepared. 

OL14 6JJ is the closest postcode but it's worth being mindful of the narrow country lanes and residents' access to the village if you're heading there by car, as well as that of the emergency services.

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In 2018, West Yorkshire Police issued a warning about the dangers of swimming in open water after youths used lagoon aids as ‘water toys’.

They said: "We advise no one to enter a cold water Lake, pond or river for recreational purposes. The risks are very real, too many people lose their lives every year under estimating the effects that cold water can have on the body.

“Even the strongest swimmers can fall victim to this hidden danger.