When every picture tells a story

I KNOW we are all now incredibly “snap happy”, taking hundreds of digital images, but what do we do with them all?

I love the ability to show images on my phone when anyone inquires about my niece or last holiday. However, my mother really prefers to see them printed, and the more I have asked around, the more people I have found agreed.

The big issue is that displaying masses of photographs can take a lot of wall or shelf space. So I have looked at the options out there for grouping your photographs without resorting to a standard arrangement or clip-frame.

Here are my picks for those who may be short on space, but big on style.

The multi-photo frame is perfect for those who like a vintage finish to their portraiture; a large distressed cream wooden vintage-style frame with seven apertures. A classic statement frame which will look adorable filled with family snaps (£65 – www.flutterbyes.co.uk; 01322 387395).

If you are looking for something a little funky and want to eschew the traditional frame, a set of Antique Frames wall stickers will certainly jazz up your walls. Digital prints can be displayed underneath or inside. The set includes five frames ranging from 58cm down to 16cm, in 20 vibrant colours (£26 – www.spincollective.co.uk; 01242 255244).

A multi-purpose solution is perfect when space is at a premium. So, create your own clock with the multi-coloured DIY 12 photo frames clock, which allows you to arrange the “hourly” frames in any pattern you like (£54.99 – www.tch.net; 02392 469400).

The younger photographers in your family may well want to regularly chop and change their displays and taking down frames can be tricky. So give them an inexpensive Picture Pockets Hanging Gallery which they can hang on the wall or the back of a door (£14.99 – www.cleverlittleideas.com ; 020 77 345678).

When you have finished with the walls, you can pop a few more snaps into the dual-purpose Espresso Lookend photo picture frame bookends.

Each frame holds three good-size pictures and is heavy enough to keep your books in check (£33.95 – www.toysandinteriors.co.uk; 01392 881144).

Finally, when you think there is no more room on the wall, the Empire strikes back with the Umbra Empire outside corner frame – an ingenious and sophisticated frame that lets you squeeze just a few more photos into an otherwise empty space (£78 – www.redcandy.co.uk; 0121 224 7728).

Jamie Hempsall, BIID, is an award winning interior designer. Visit him at www.jamiehempsall.com or contact him on 0800 032 1180.