Yorkshire's golden triangle faces a challenge from two rivals

The golden triangle has competition
The golden triangle has competition
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Yorkshire’s sought-after golden triangle hotspots are facing stiff competition. Sharon Dale reports.

Research by a Yorkshire’s property buying agency shows that the golden triangle of Harrogate, Leeds and York has retained its position as the most desirable area to buy in Yorkshire but it now has some serious competition.
According to findings by The Search Partnership, there are now two new triangles and they are tempting buyers to look beyond the “golden” hotspots.
Data analysis reveals that there is a silver triangle between Boroughbridge, Bedale and Leyburn and a bronze triangle is between Helmsley, Easingwold and Thirsk.
The Search Partnership used a range of criteria to measure the popularity of the three areas. These included ease of commuting, schools and house price increases, which were judged against each other with three points for first, two for second and one for third.
The results show that the golden triangle remains on top with 24 points, Yorkshire’s silver triangle scored 19 points and the bronze triangle scored 17 points.
Tom Robinson, a director of The Search Partnership, says: “For as long as the property world can remember, the golden triangle of Yorkshire has included the most popular and accessible parts of the county from Harrogate to York to the northern fringe of Leeds.
“The phrase has perhaps become overused in estate agents particulars, but with the financial centre of Leeds so nearby, Harrogate’s array of shops and restaurants and the charming streets of York, all linked by a relatively fast road networks, it is not surprising that this area has remained so popular for so long.
“But our research shows that there are some new areas of the county that are now attracting as much, if not more interest from buyers. Despite the continued popularity of the original golden triangle, it is not for everyone.”

Golden triangle gripes
The Search Partnership says that golden triangle gripes include road congestion; difficulty parking in railway station car parks, which are often full and getting a place in oversubscribed local schools.
“Commuters also complain that the train link from Harrogate to the south is slow. It is faster to travel to London Kings Cross from Thirsk or even Northallerton than it is from Harrogate,” says Tom.
Fellow Search Partnership Director Toby Milbank adds: “We have noticed an increase in clients looking outside the original golden triangle. The two most popular areas in other parts of the county are between Helmsley, Easingwold and Thirsk, while the other lies between Boroughbridge, Bedale and Leyburn.
“The first is highly sought after because of the beautiful scenery, easy access either to York Station or Thirsk Station and the ease of driving down the A1 to commute to Harrogate and Leeds or the A19 into York.
“The second is popular because of the smaller, prettier villages where farming remains the backbone of the community and the village pub is the place to catch up with neighbours and friends.”

Outside the box
The Search Partnership has been highlighting the benefits of buying a home in the silver and bronze triangles.
“Where a client decides to live is often based on areas they are familiar with. Part of our job is to open a buyers’ eyes to other areas that suit their needs, rather than choosing somewhere just because they know their way around,” says Tom.
The firm’s new research was based on their buyers “must-haves” so it quantified the number of schools rated outstanding; ease of commuting; the number of pubs voted in the top 30 by Welcome to Yorkshire; the distance to Leeds Bradford Airport; the number of English Heritage and National Trust properties to visit nearby; distance to mainline train station; distance to the A1; distance to National Parks and the East Coast and the percentage house price increase in last 10 years.

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