Yorkshire's Black Sheep brewery sells milkshake beer and we don't know what to think

The Masham Brewery has branched out from traditional beers and ales with a range of unusual flavoured drinks.

Black Sheep brewery's milkshake beer
Black Sheep brewery's milkshake beer

As part of the Brewery's Five Barrels project, Black Sheep has created mango milkshake and raspberry and white chocolate milkshake IPAs.

The range also includes a Limencello sour, cocoa brown ale and a peanut brittle imperial stout.

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The managing director of Black Sheep, Rob Theakston said the explosion of craft brewing had been the most exciting time the industry has ever seen.

But the firm have been careful not to alienate traditional drinkers.

“What we try and do, and what I have always said, is that it is about balance,” he said. “I don’t want to alienate the guys that this business is built on. They are the people that have been with us on the journey.

"Ultimately, I do not want to chuck out the baby with the bath water. We focus on things like best bitters, they are still there and are a key part of the engine room of what we do.

“Then we can add in these new things and keep things such that it doesn’t completely skew it one way or another.

“Nobody has an extremist view. We want a situation where everyone thinks what we do is very good. We want to play a long-term game and move the dials that engages everyone.”

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A fresh and fruity pint packed with freshly peeled mangos. Expect a load of juicy flavours with a tropical edge. More like a smoothie than a milkshake but still packs a thick, creamy texture that is a pleasure to drink. Pours with an orange glow and a frothy white head.


Think cheesecake in a pint glass. Fresh raspberries are added in the boil and in fermenter here to give an irresistible flavour and aroma. Vanilla and white chocolate buttons blend with the raspberry whilst the lactose brings all those flavours together through a creamy texture. Sweet and fruity.


Packed with an abundance of fresh lemon juice along with Lemondrop hops, this kettle sour packs a cheek sucking sourness with a delicious sweet finish. At 5.7% it has plenty of body but the alcohol is hidden behind a delicious front end reminiscent of cloudy lemonade. Big notes of citrus, lemon and sherbet make this a beautifully flavoursome pint with a genuine sour bite.


Chocolate packed Brown Ale with a smooth, velvet mouthfeel and a touch of vanilla. Loaded with cacao nibs and dark malt, Cocoa Brown Ale is full bodied, robust and deliciously sweet.


Utterly smooth with layers of complex flavour, this imperial stout packs a delicious nose with smacks of ground peanuts and hazelnuts. Sweet caramel flavours add more body with the nutty notes balancing against the spiky bitterness.