Hilarity as American tourist in Yorkshire shares bizarre tea-making hack

A history professor from the USA who went viral on TikTok thanks to his unique videos on quirky historical facts has now attempted to tamper with Yorkshire history in his guide to making the “perfect cup of tea.”

Professor Maxwell Paule made the video while guiding his students from Earlham College in Arkansas on their latest study visit to Yorkshire “to explore Roman things.”

But it was his controversial hack on how to make the perfect cup of tea that got people talking - with some going as far to call for his “arrest.”

Mr Paule who was prompted by his students to start making TikTok content has since amassed nearly 170,000 followers and 4.4 million views to date on the popular social media platform.

Professor Maxwell shares this controversial hack for making a cup of tea

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    “How the hell do you wash your hands? With a temperature that’s fit for human flesh? You’ve got a hot tap which is boiling, you could make tea with it at a moment’s notice,” said Mr Paule on a recent video during his trip.

    “Most English people when they make a cup of tea put the kettle on but that’s a mistake because every English bathroom has a hot and cold tap.”

    He said the hot tap is the ideal temperature to make the perfect cup of tea. In the video @ProfMaxwell can be seen filling his fine china teapot from the hot water tap before pausing to brew the tea and then pouring it into a cup.

    “You will have yourself one exquisite cup. Enjoy,” added Mr Paule in the video which has since been viewed over 21,000 times.

    The satirical video quickly provoked English people to comment with one user, saying: “this physically hurts. I had to stop the second I saw the pot going near the tap… This video could be used as a form of English torture.”

    With another saying on watching the video: “I feel like I have just witnessed a crime.”

    Another said: “You should be arrested.”

    Some people warned of how unsafe a method this is with one TikToker saying: “On a serious note unless you live in a new build please don’t drink bathroom tap water. It’s a separate tank to the kitchen water and you shouldn’t drink it.”

    Many other users expressed their disgust at the weakness of his cup of tea.

    “Wrong. Black tea has to be brewed with boiling water and allowed to steep for five minutes. What you have there is weak and sad.”

    Another TikTok commenter said: “I’d be angry, but the queen is already on her way to kick your door down.”

    It wasn’t just British folk who were outraged either with one user saying:

    “I’m not even British but this hurt me.”

    But another user jumped to his defence and offered an extra money-saving tip: “You can reuse that teabag a few times (at least 6-7).”