The UK’s sexiest accents have been revealed - here is where Yorkshire ranks

With 56 recognised regional accents across the UK, it comes as no surprise that some are viewed as much sexier than others.

Yorkshire born and bred: Wakefield's Jane McDonald.
Yorkshire born and bred: Wakefield's Jane McDonald.

The Yorkshire accent is a point of pride across the county, and despite its multitude of dialects, it remains distinctive.

A new survey of 1.5 million people in the UK has revealed how sexy the Yorkshire way of speaking is compared to other accents across the country.

Did Yorkshire make the top 10?

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The Yorkshire accent narrowly made it into the top ten, edging out Cockney to take ninth place.

The survey, carried out by Big 7 Travel, ranked the top 50 sexiest accents in the UK.

Of the Yorkshire accent the travel company wrote: “Yorkie is one of England’s most-loved accents, where words are shortened and ‘the’ and ‘to’ is lost altogether. Case in point? “I’m chuffed t’bits!”

Questionably, the survey also ranks the Leeds accent as a separate entry outside of ‘Yorkshire’. The Leeds accent also makes the top 25, ranking at 17th.

Other parts of Yorkshire also had their own separate rankings, including Sheffield which came 41st and Bradford, which was positioned at 27th.

Hull also had its own place in the chart and came out near the bottom, ranking 48th.

The top three sexiest accents according to the poll were Essex, Northern Irish and Glaswegian. The Brummie accent was rock bottom.

Here are the UK’s top 25 sexiest accents:

25) Northumberland

24) Stoke-on-Trent

23) Hebridean

22) Surrey

21) East Anglian

20) Kentish

19) Highlands

18) Multicultural London English (MLE)

17) Leeds

16) Somerset

15) Lancashire

14) Cardiff

13) Edinburgh

12) Estuary English

11) Norfolk

10) Cockney

9) Yorkshire

8) South Welsh Valleys

7) Geordie

6) Scouse

5) Mancunian

4) Queen's English

3) Glaswegian

2) Northern Irish

1) Essex