18-year-old scales Yorkshire's 118ft ROKT climbing wall without harness after bypassing security at 4.30am

An 18-year-old scaled the UK's tallest climbing wall by 'infiltrating' the site in the dead of night to bypass security.

The 118ft climbing wall in Yorkshire

The 18-year-old climbed the wall at 4.30am after using a boat to get around the high security walls surrounding the ROKTFACE wall at ROKT, Brighouse, West Yorkshire.

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The wall at the ROKT centre is the highest outside climbing wall in the UK at 36m tall - or 118ft.

The 118ft climbing wall in Yorkshire

The 'incredibly dangerous' move was criticised by the climbing wall's owners, who stressed that the site is private property.

Euan Noble, Director of ROKT, said: "Attempting anything like this is incredibly dangerous and no-one should try this.

"It's only right to remind people this is private property and should anyone want to attempt to climb ROKTFACE then contact us so they can do so in safety under professional supervision."

George King posted this video of himself 'free climbing' the wall, meaning he scaled the face without any harness or safety equipment.

The 118ft climbing wall in Yorkshire

In a statement, King said he 'infiltrated the site via boat to avoid getting detected by cameras'.

The centre has not reported the incident to police as of today, October 3.

George said: “There was zero fear on my behalf. I had to keep in my mind that if I displayed physical elements of fear it could result in shaking and reduction of concentration, the consequence being that I could fall to my death. It is all about your psychological state, you have to dictate your psyche as it ultimately affects every physical move.“

What drove George to do something so dangerous?

He added: “As a former sufferer of depression, I was lucky enough to have a passion in climbing.

"Whenever I experienced a trigger of depression, I found happiness through climbing – the freedom and peace I felt whilst doing the climb aided my psychological thoughts and led me to a better place.

"Whenever I feel depressed, I climb, and naturally, with no medication, I have instantaneous relief. I believe that a person’s passion does not have to be climbing, nor does it have to be anything related to what I do. I believe that every one of us has a gift; your mission is to find that gift, make it your passion.”