19 years for killer who sawed up body

Olwen Dudgeon THE family of a woman whose body was sawn into pieces after her murder said yesterday they would be haunted by the memories of what had happened to her. Stuart Burns killed prostitute Lyndsey Bourne in his flat and then dismembered her body in the bath. He took the pieces in four trips to Woodhouse Ridge, Meanwood, Leeds, where he buried them in heavy undergrowth.

After watching the murderer jailed for life at Leeds Crown Court, Miss Bourne's mother, Karen Pawson said he had shown no guilt or remorse for what he had done, while they would have to live with her loss for ever.

"We will always love and miss Lyndsey, she did not deserve to have her life cut short. No punishment can bring her back to her family, we will be haunted with these memories for the rest of our lives."

Sentencing Burns, who was unanimously convicted of murder on Friday, trial judge Mr Justice Simon said he considered him a dangerous man who might have got away with his crime but for a dog digging up part of Miss Bourne's leg.

He ordered that Burns, 30, should serve a minimum of 19 years in prison less the period he has spent on remand in custody, warning him that the Parole Board would not direct his release until satisfied "you no longer need to be confined for the protection of the public".

He said what happened between Burns and Miss Bourne at his flat in Holt Dale Place, Cookridge, Leeds in the early hours of September 10 last year "may never be known".

It seemed likely Burns had strangled the 28-year-old, but in the course of the struggle, as she fought for her life, she had scratched his face, which helped lead to his conviction for murder.

The judge said Burns's actions after the murder showed "a cold and calculating ruthlessness".

Expressing the court's sympathy to Miss Bourne's family, who only learned after her death that she had turned to prostitution to fund her drug habit, he commended Det Supt Bill Shackleton and his West Yorkshire police team for their work in bringing a killer to justice.

Mrs Pawson also thanked all those who had helped bring "this despicable killer to court". She said Miss Bourne was a wonderful daughter and granddaughter, loved by everyone. "She was going through a difficult time, due to her recent addiction to drugs."