£2.5m awarded for arthritis centre

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Scientists from Sheffield University, along with academics in Liverpool and Newcastle, have been awarded £2.5m to establish a centre for arthritis research.

The Medical Research Council and Arthritis UK “Centre for Integrated Research into Musculoskeletal Ageing” will bring together world-renowned researchers to investigate why musculoskeletal tissue function and structure declines with age.

Researchers will also explore why ageing is accompanied by the loss of muscle mass and look at the physiology of elite athletes to understand why exercise tolerance is limited in elderly people.

Professor Eugene McCloskey, from Sheffield University’s medical school, said: “The impact of ageing on the musculoskeletal system places one of the greatest burdens on individual patients and healthcare resources.

“The new centre is an excellent opportunity to combine the expertise in Sheffield, particularly that in bone and inflammation, with complementary expertise at Liverpool and Newcastle.”

Ten million people in the UK are currently living with arthritis.