254-year-old music retailer gets rebrand

The country's oldest music retailer has undergone a refit and rebranding.

Banks Musicroom has three floors dedicated purely to music, including a refitted piano room offering Yamaha, Roland and Casio, a dedicated classical guitar room, an extended drum and electric guitar department and an enlarged woodwind and brass section.

Andrew Nixon, store manager, said: "The aim of the refit was to create a one-stop shop for musicians – all instruments, all genres, all levels. It is important for people to feel comfortable and relaxed here, which is why we have focused on zoning areas and creating a natural flow to the store. Hopefully we have succeeded in our aim."

Other improvements include the addition of an education resource centre – a new initiative to help and support music teachers in their job of nurturing young talent. York-based Banks opened 254 years ago.