30mph zone roadworks on M621 in Leeds not even half complete

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A 30mph zone on the M621 in Leeds will remain in place for some time - if the signs on the road are anything to go by.

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The M621 currently has a 30mph speed limit using average speed cameras along the road going in and out of Leeds.

Average speed cameras on the M621

Average speed cameras on the M621

Average speed cameras on the M621

The speed limit has been put in place while Highways England works on replacing the metal central reservation barrier with a concrete one.

New signage along the roadside this week states: "Barrier upgrade 48% complete".

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The news hasn't gone down too well with drivers.

Gary Pearson said: "The signs say use #m621works for updates but all that seem to get posted is p***** off drivers complaining that nothing seems to be getting done and nothing official for the updates @HighwaysYORKS can you please tell me the completion date of these works."

THuff1994 said on Twitter: "Sign saying 48% complete? LOL! How's that work... Nobody is ever seen working on the damn road #m621works"

Why Highways England is undertaking the work

A spokesman said: "The M621 is currently operating at or above capacity during peak periods, which leads to congestion, poor journey time reliability and poor safety performance.

"The scheme aims to address these issues and in doing so support the region’s economic growth aspirations.

"In addition, there is an absence of driver information technology along this stretch of the network.

"The implementation of technology will form part of the planned improvements to the M621 and will look to improve safety and incident management as well as improve the ability to manage traffic on the M621.

"The scheme is included in the Highways England Delivery Plan.

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What Highways England's Aims are

* increase capacity and improve journey time reliability

* improve the safety of the scheme corridor for road users

* provide better and real time information to road users

* avoid and mitigate potential environmental impacts of the scheme and enhance, where possible, the built and natural environment

* support Leeds City Council’s development plans including updates to the Leeds transport network, where possible