£4.5 award takes vital money away from NHS

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From: Bob Wright, Tarn Moor Crescent, Skipton.

COURTESY prevents me from putting to print the words I would choose to describe my horror at the £4.5m awarded to consultant Eva Michalak (Yorkshire Post, December 16).

I refuse to read the details in some vain attempt to save the NHS some money by not upsetting my blood pressure further.

It matters not one jot what the background is, no-one is worth such an exorbitant sum – save for unfortunates who will need a lifetime of care following disastrous accidents/misdemeanours.

Whoever made this award should be made to understand what the consequences are by taking this colossal amount out of our cash-starved NHS. If they really felt such a figure was just (and I can’t for the life of me think why) they should have had the balls to say, “sorry, we believe you have a case and we should be paying you more, but, we have no funds so you must settle for £5,000”.

I must remain speechless for risk of saying something I may regret but I bet I am not alone in my thinking.

The fact that my wife has nursed for more than 40 years and is paid peanuts has no influence on my thinking.

We should be having a march for common sense and to hell with what our Euro friends and their “but you must do that” brigade think!

From: Stephen Faulkner, Glebe Court, Tankersley.

I AM astounded at the amount that has been awarded to this doctor from Pontefract Hospital.

There are soldiers and industrial workers losing far more than she will ever lose and getting nothing.

Again, it is the public sector and they think they are above everybody else.