A blessing upon their houses

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From: David T Craggs, Sand-le-Mere, Tunstall, East Yorkshire.

MAY I suggest a possible solution to the contentious issue of gay marriage? It is based on what I feel are two reasonable assumptions.

My first is that gay couples who want to marry would wish to have their union blessed at the highest possible level – that is by God himself. My second is that an all-inclusive God would want to bless their union. Let us work on both assumptions being correct. Why not have a ceremony called “A God’s Blessing”?

It could take place anywhere and be conducted by any 
person given the legal or spiritual power to do so, although I would see a House of God and a holy person as being the ideal combination.

Digging deep

From: Roger Simpkin, Oldfield Road, Stannington, Sheffield.

SO it’s raining again and that’s going to cause more flooding. We had better get used to it and do something now because it could continue for generations to come (Yorkshire Post, January 4).

We need to keep our drainage system clear and also all water courses, ditches and culverts, dig rivers deeper if necessary, create reservoirs nd conserve supplies for periods of drought.

May I suggest a “pioneer corps” comprised of the unemployed, immigrants and prisoners? Then we might see some benefit for the taxes some of us have to pay.

BBC skills

From: Ken Hartford, Durham Mews, Butt Lane, Beverley.

I THINK David Marshall (Yorkshire Post, January 2) is being rather naive to suggest that BBC chairman of governors Chris Patten does not exercise control of the organisation’s journalist staff.

News collectors and “story” writers have always, in my opinion, been subjected to a very high level of discipline in regard to what and how the views they collected was distributed nationally and internationally.

Having been interviewed by various journalists in different parts of the country, I have been very happy with how what I told them was interpreted.