A class act in every village

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From: Margaret Claxton, Arden Court, Northallerton.

LESLEY Garett’s most interesting comments about Doncaster’s musical heritage reminded me that before the war, when I lived there, we had another very flourishing art (Yorkshire Post, March 15).

In almost every village for miles around there was a dramatic society.

Every year Doncaster Technical College used to have a one act play competition which ran for at least a week.

We worked towards this all year. It seems to me no wonder so many of our actors have Yorkshire roots.

I have often wondered what happened to the one act play competition.

Second rate first class deliveries

From: JP Northrop, Turwell Lane, Eccleshill, Bradford.

I WAS interested to read (Yorkshire Post, February 25) of the Royal Mail delivering more than nine out of 10 first class mail a day after posting in the run-up to Christmas.

My question is – why? When I posted a letter, with a first class stamp (catching the afternoon collection) at the post box on Stonehall Road, Eccleshill, on Monday, February 20 to my friend at Ganton Drive, Eccleshill, it did not arrive until Saturday, February 25! Why?

Hair today

From: Charles Metcalfe, Sherburn in Elmet

HOW the other half live.

Overheard recently in an upmarket hair salon.

Stylist: “Would you like a magazine to read while your colour is taking?

Client: “No thanks, I’ve brought my Kindle with me.”

Very Harrogate!

Rich pickings

From Douglas Telfer, Kings Road, Harrogate.

If “wealth creators” are deterred by a 50 pence tax rate, then surely their desire to make money cannot be very strong in the first place.