A country that is mired in greed and glued to its gadgets

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From: John Watson, Hutton Hill, Leyburn.

every time I pick up the paper 
in the morning several items cause me concern. ”Greed” seems to be the operative 
word in this country, people wanting more for doing less, obscene salaries in the public sector and the compensation culture.

Recent stories in the press have brought to light several pieces of information that we didn’t know about the BBC, such as the fact that one of the top producers was earning £200,000 a year.

It makes you wonder how much of the licence fee goes into the payment of obscene salaries such as this. That is more than we pay the Prime Minister.

Leaving aside the footballers, we read every day in the press about huge salaries and bonuses being paid to the so-called top men and women in the power industry, the health service, and not forgetting local council officials.

We have just been asked to vote for a police commissioner to oversee the local force who will, I am told, be getting £100,000. What on earth is he or she going to do to warrant such a salary?

This new position, which is totally unnecessary, certainly won’t be getting my vote. Talk about jobs for the boys! Another thing which makes people talk is the compensation culture.

Apart from lining the pockets of lawyers, some of the payments being made are getting up our backs.

We have relatives of the murderous Mau-Mau in Kenya coming here for a payout. What about the families whose throats were cut in that period after the war?

We have prisoners in jail intending to claim because we are not giving them the vote. I even saw a piece in one newspaper where a prisoner was claiming because his TV wasn’t working properly,

There are law firms advertising on television for people who think they have been injured in any way. Ambulance chasers.

The whole country seems to be so dependent on electronic gadgets that it doesn’t feel like it was when I was young.

You never see kids playing outside on a summer’s evening, they are all glued to the TV, mobile phone or the computer. What effect is that gong to have on this generation?

The pubs are empty and we have lost the art of conversation and letter writing.

The only connection 
now between individuals is Facebook and Twitter. God 
help us!