A dangerous precedent

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From: John Scott, Thorpe Lane, Guiseley, Leeds.

I REFER to your Editorial (Yorkshire Post, March 3) in support of leading figures from business and industry having direct entry to the senior ranks of the West Yorkshire Police. Your Editorial staff have short memories.

Have they already forgotten the ilk of Sir Fred Goodwin, Andy Hornby and others who were appointed to senior positions in the banking sector with little or no operational experience?

I have no doubt that they could manage a large work force and had motivational and organisational skills in abundance but what they lacked was investment nous and experience within the banking sector.

We all know the disastrous consequences that ensued because operationally they were inexperienced. Are we now to inflict a similar situation on the police service?

Beyond belief

From: Mrs B Richardson, Magdalen Lane, Hedon, Hull.

HAVING just read that Lloyds Bank will reveal how many of its staff earned £1m or more (Yorkshire Post, March 3), I am furious.

My husband has just worked out that our nurse who does a lot of useful and caring work would have to work for 40 years to get £1m.

It just does not compute.

Short supply

From: TW Coxon, West Auckland Road, Darlington.

IS there any wonder that there is a shortage of hospital beds, housing, schools, teachers, nurses and doctors when one is informed that another 60,000 long term immigrants entered Britain last year? How long will this madness go on?

New neighbour

From: GR Render, St Mary Walk, Leeds.

I HAVE just thought of a brilliant idea for a gipsy/traveller camp. Why don’t we place one right outside the property of Helen Jones, head of Leeds GATE (Gipsy and Traveller Exchange) and see if she likes it.

She doesn’t mention the cost of removing them and the rubbish left behind. Send her the bill.