A map that leads right to the Leeds pub

Steve Lovell's pub map of Leeds
Steve Lovell's pub map of Leeds
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A pub enthusiast has literally put Leeds’s bars on the map.

Steve Lovell, 42, has charted the city’s ever-expanding beer scene and made several Tube-style maps of it all.

Pub map maker Steve Lovell at The Palace, Kirkgate, Leeds.

Pub map maker Steve Lovell at The Palace, Kirkgate, Leeds.

Mr Lovell, from Rothwell, said: “I always liked the design of the London Underground map and a few years ago I decided to see if I could make a map of pubs instead of stations that would cover all of Leeds. I was really pleased with the result and the map has been quite popular. I’ve previously done other maps for Leeds, Wakefield and Bradford, but this year I’ve completed all of West Yorkshire by doing the Calderdale and Kirklees areas.

“I’ve also just finished updating the Leeds area map.”

The city’s rapidly changing ale locations has seen him once again pounding the streets and scouring Street View in search of the latest places, like Wapentake on Kirkgate.

He said: “Leeds city centre is a fast changing area. I do keep an eye on council planning permissions to keep myself up to date. I do like to visit places as soon as they open up and have a look round.

“Although the map is mostly pubs and bars it also includes many restaurants and hotels with decent bar areas, but no clubs of any kind.

There are 586 places on the Leeds map. After looking at this for so long by myself, I’m quite excited about now being able to share it with people,” But traditionalists are also catered for on the comprehensive map as and The Palace on Kirkgate is on there too.

There is even a chance to go back further in time on another of Mr Lovell’s maps. Bygone Leeds remembers lost places like The Duchess of York on Vicar Lane. To find out more about Mr Lovell’s map range visit his website www.albanydesign.co.uk.