This abandoned ocean liner is being transformed into an undead zombie survival game

Could you survive this voyage? A massive ocean cruise liner is being transformed into an undead zombie survival game.

The inside of the zombie ship
The inside of the zombie ship

The abandoned ocean line, The Duke of Lancaster, is being transformed into a zombie-filled post-apocalypse for thrillseekers.

-> Ghost hunters to explore spooky secrets of West Yorkshire's Stanedge TunnelThe experience sets you loose in the dark, spooky ship full of zombies with the only goal being to survive and escape.

Zombie Infection, which runs the experience, said: “The undead tell no tales on this virus voyage ”

The Duke of Lancaster

"The 4,450 GT TSS Duke of Lancaster awaits you and your team of undead explorers.

"The ship is full of infected, untouched for years, they'll be strong and hungry... Intel suggests that this location could be the hub of recent rebel activity in the unquarantine zones.

"You'll need to learn quick, gain access and explore deck by deck to uncover the answers Harvertech are looking for. This one isn't for the fainthearted."

The experience, based in North Wales, is strictly for over 18s.

The inside of the Duke of Lancaster

-> Driver aged 13 caught behind the wheel in West YorkshireThe spokesman added: "Exclusive to Zombie Infection comes a once in a life time opportunity to immersive yourself in our zombie universe on this incredible turbine steam ship.

"Believe us when we tell you that this is not only an incredible place to visit, but also that it is the ultimate zombie experience location.

"Multiple decks, rooms, cabins that are locked in time and completely unexplored. All of this mixed with hours of immersive entertainment being chased, challenged and instructed by our award winning cast means you'll need to grab your tickets fast and join a selection of Zombie Infection patrons who have had the chance to step on board!

“Over the last few years we (Zombie Infection) have worked hard to build a strong and trustworthy relationship with the owners of the Duke of Lancaster ship.

"The impressive ocean liner has seen its fair share of disappointment to date so it is with great pleasure that after safety and logistic improvements, a lot of paint, love and affection we are now able to bring this amazing venue to our international fan base in 2019 and hopefully beyond.

"We want to assure the local and national population that we will (in partnership with its owners) take good care of her and bring her well and truly back to her glory days.

"Its is not only a wonderful place to visit but probably one of the greatest locations to do what we do.

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