Academic seeking apology over raid

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An academic from Leeds is demanding an apology from police after his flat was raided over an unfounded harassment allegation.

Alireza Taherkhani, a research fellow in mechanical engineering at Leeds University, arrived home to find his flat had been broken into and searched last July.

The Metropolitan Police had asked officers from West Yorkshire to carry out the raid following a claim that the 31-year-old had been harassing a woman in Barnet, London.

He was interviewed, but never arrested or charged and the case has now been dropped after no evidence was found to support the accusation.

Mr Taherkhani said: “The treatment I have received nearly ruined the life that I have worked hard for many years to build in this country.

“I am still under medication as a result of what happened to me. I am depressed and have stress related problems such as anxiety.”

Mr Taherkhani was left unable to get into his flat in Kelso Court in Hyde Park after police broke in on July 22. He was ordered to attend a police station in London to be spoken to, but denied any wrongdoing.

He has now received a letter saying the case has been dropped.

“I can’t accept what happened,” he said. “How can we be expected to trust the police, who are meant to protect us, when they behave like this?”

A spokesman for the Met confirmed Mr Taherkhani was interviewed under caution.

He added: “No further action was taken against him.

“We can confirm a complaint has been received and is being investigated.”