Academy footballer gets life 
for murdering girlfriend, 15

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A promising footballer who was on the brink of turning professional has been jailed for life for the ferocious murder of his 15-year-old girlfriend, stabbed 60 times with two different knives.

Andrew Hall, 18, a scholar at Stoke City Academy, pleaded guilty to murder yesterday at Luton Crown Court and was told he would serve a minimum of 10 years.

Megan-Leigh Peat, described by family as a caring, loving girl, was stabbed repeatedly in the head, neck and chest in the early hours of June 9 in the kitchen of a friend’s house. She died of severe blood loss and her injuries included defensive wounds to her hands and arms as she had fought in vain to fend off the blows.

The pair had gone to the house alone after she had joined him in a pub to reconcile their differences following a series of bitter rows.

Hall rushed back to the pub around an hour later, covered in blood, telling bouncers: “I think I just killed my girlfriend, oh my God. I love her so much, what have I done?”

During sentencing yesterday Judge Richard Foster told Hall: “Megan Peat will never experience the thrill and success of exam results, going on to higher education, or perhaps being a bridesmaid at a best friend’s wedding or an 18th birthday party.

“Her life ended in your hands at 15 years old. Only you know why you did what you did that night and what the catalyst was for such a ferocious attack.

“It is clear you were jealous of her innocent friendships with others.”

Iain Wicks, prosecuting, told the court the night Hall murdered the teenager they had been drinking with friends at the Bumble Bee pub in Flitwick watching a Euro 2012 match, but they began arguing about Hall’s jealousy, an issue which regularly caused problems throughout their nine-month relationship.

Megan, who attended Harlington Upper School, in Bedfordshire, left to return home to her mother and step-father, telling friends she “couldn’t do it any more” and was “scared” following the rows.

But when the argument continued by text message, she was determined to rejoin Hall at the White Hart in Ampthill to reconcile their differences – despite his insistence they leave any discussion until the following Monday.

After spending some time at the pub, the pair were last seen leaving hand in hand with the keys to their friend’s empty house in Ailesbury Road in Ampthill.

When officers arrived at the house following Hall’s reapparance at the pub, Megan was found in a pool of blood.

Next to her were two knives both used in the attack, a serrated bread knife nearly 20cm long and a “vegetable knife”. Hall had injuries to his hands where a knife slipped.

Peter McCartney, mitigating, said the attack was a “catastrophic loss of control” and his client was extremely remorseful.