Action needed on plight of Palestinians before chaos reigns

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From: Geoffrey F Bryant, Queen Street, Barton-on-Humber.

Your editorial “Israel’s plight” (Yorkshire Post, November 19) presents an utterly one-sided picture of a 60-year-old conflict.

Have you completely forgotten that in that time the Palestinians have lost well over 50 per cent of their homeland?

They are continuing to lose further territory as “settlers” illegally advance ever deeper into what land they have left, that one part of their land, the West Bank, now accommodates a similarly illegal Berlin Wall and the other part is no more than an illegal open-prison for tens of thousands of people.

One could go on and on – perhaps about the nuclear weapons which Israel does not admit to having and have never been subject to the inspections which they now require of the Iranians.

Surely, it is not the Israelis’ plight which should concern the world but the fact that if something is not done soon about the Palestinians’ 60-year-old plight all hell will break out in the Middle East.

Israel’s political intransigence and complete disregard of international laws and conventions leaves the Palestinians in limbo.

Do they just knuckle under and watch one part of their remaining land (the West Bank) being bit by bit annexed into the Greater Israel while the other part (Gaza) continues as an apartheid ideal – at least in Israeli eyes?

Is it any surprise that from time to time the Palestinians seek to fight back?

As you indicate, the one man who could really do something about this parlous situation is President Barack Obama.

Would that he could just once face down the all-powerful US Jewish lobby and put real pressure on the Israelis, then there might be some realistic hope of the peace which surely both sides are looking for.

In the meantime the Palestinians’ plight continues unabated, their anger and that of most of the other Middle Eastern Arab states, many no longer in the hands of US puppets, mounts. The tinder box gets hotter and hotter.

From: Howard Klineberg, Stoneleigh Garth, Leeds.

Our esteemed Foreign Secretary warns Israel not to send ground troops into Gaza if she wishes to continue to have world sympathy. Where is the moral high ground Mr Hague? We have ground troops in Afghanistan, but how many rockets have the Taliban launched at the UK or the US? Is it one rule for us and another set of values for Israel?