Adventurer calls home for rescue help

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A BRITISH adventurer whose tent was destroyed in a massive storm in Iceland called his father back in the UK for help.

Alex Hibbert, an experienced polar explorer, was involved in an expedition to the Vatnajokull icecap with a friend when the pair got into difficulties.

The 25-year-old used a satellite phone to contact his father in Portsmouth, who was part of their support team, and he alerted Solent Coastguard in the early hours of Wednesday.

The case was passed on to Falmouth Coastguard, which has an international liaison role and contacted the Icelandic authorities who launched a rescue mission.

The expedition had started on January 31 but the weather started to worsen at the start of this week.

Mr Hibbert said: “Winds became especially high, around 100kph, and despite well-rehearsed precautions to protect the tent, part of it collapsed and snapped.

“The skidoo team who came out to pick us up were absolute stars. Brilliant guys,” he added. “The wait was about 24 hours and involved reinforcing the tent defences and stopping any further damage, which we managed.”

Mr Hibbert said the team was “disappointed” at having to abandon the expedition and he would like to return.