Age-old cheesy jokes are banned at Settle shop

A North Yorkshire cheesemonger is warning his customers to choose their cheesy puns much more Caerphilly.

So fed up is Andy Swinscoe of hearing the same old lines that he is running a competition to find some new cheese-based jokes ahead of World Smile Day on October 3.

Mr Swinscoe, partner at The Courtyard Dairy, Settle, and a previous Cheesemonger of the Year at the World Cheese Awards, explained: “It must be several times a week we get the same old puns, ‘What cheese do you entice a bear out of the woods with?’ ‘Camembert’. ‘What cheese should you use to hide a small horse?’ ‘Mascarpone’; to name just two, and we’ve heard the same old jokes so many times that we’d like to encourage a bit of originality!”

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His customers are invited to tweet a new joke to @CourtyardDairy or in person at the shop.

“If we get enough, we might entice famous comedian Tim Vine to judge the best one. But most of all we just want a new range of jokes to amuse us!”

For a list of the cheese jokes Mr Swinscoe has banned in his shop, visit