Airport naked body scanners ‘safe to use’

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Controversial naked body scanners at Manchester Airport are safe to use, according to a report by experts.

The European Commission stopped new trials of the device last November amid fears they could emit harmful levels of cancer-causing radiation.

It allowed Manchester to continue trialling the scanners – the only airport in Europe to do so – pending the outcome of a study into the potential health impact by the EC’s Committee on Emerging and Newly Identified Health Risks.

Airport bosses now believe the “back scatter” body scanners will be approved by the EC for permanent use.

The scanners use an X-ray to produce a “naked” outline image of the person being scanned as part of its security process to allow officers viewing the image to look for any concealed items that may be deemed threatening.

Staff analysing the images must be in a separate room and are unable to see the passenger.

Travellers who refuse to go through the scanner are prevented from flying.