Airport wants it both ways

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From: Roger Bancroft, Castle Hill Drive, Harrogate.

I NOTE that Leeds Bradford Airport is about to become involved in a campaign “Hands off our holiday, Mr Taxman” (Yorkshire Post, July 12).

Maybe they should start another campaign “Hands off our drop off and pick up charges, Leeds Bradford Airport”.

The airport hierarchy obviously want it both ways and, judging from comments I have heard since introducing drop off and pick up charges, they have lost a lot of passenger goodwill.

Danger of work on the farm

From: Michael Ellison, Knapping Hill, Harrogate.

TIM Mickleburgh (Yorkshire Post, July 11) asked who worked harder and in such dreadful conditions as a miner or trawlerman? The simple answer is a farm worker.

I remember that statistics have shown that in some years, pro-rata, there were more fatal accidents in agricultural-based occupations.

Whenever there has been a disaster in a mine or at sea involving multiple casualties this has been reported nationally.

However, a farming accident generally involves one individual that is merely mentioned in local media.

Making life worth living

From: John Gordon, Whitcliffe Lane, Ripon.

THE two women who called the other day told me that the end of the world is nigh. Did I not agree?

I had just read about the rise in gas prices and had seen my garden flattened by a thunderstorm with huge hail-stones, so I agreed they had a point.

But then I went indoors and opened my Yorkshire Post to see a beautiful picture of Malham Cove and some lovely horses at the Great Yorkshire Show and I decided that the women were wrong.