Aisle be back! Proposal in front of Arnie has a Hollywood ending

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IT was an ending with a twist fit for a Hollywood blockbuster.

Movie megastar Arnold Schwarzenegger had captivated an audience of hundreds during a once-in-a-lifetime appearance at Elland Road.



And as The Terminator star’s memorable set drew to a close, he invited couple Dean Goulding, 29, and Jessica Eddy, 25, on stage, where Dean got down on one knee and popped the question in front of the former Mr Universe.

Miss Eddy said: “I still can’t believe it, I’m so shocked. It feels like I’m in a dream.”

Speaking about her admiration for the global superstar, she said: “Arnie comes across the funniest person and seems so grounded and really kind-hearted – and what he did for us really shows that.”

University receptionist Jessica has been dating Mr Goulding – a physical trainer in the navy – for over six years.

Action icon Arnie, famed for his roles in blockbusters including Predator and The Running Man, posted a video of the proposal online.

During an enthralling two-hour set, hosted by Jonathan Ross, Arnie talked movies, bodybuilding and politics.

The former Governor of California appeared at Leeds United’s home ground on Friday, November 14, in one of only two UK appearances, and paid a glowing tribute to former Leeds United player Reg Park, who inspired him to be a bodybuilder.