allen’s trail ofviolence 
and betrayal

Sunday, April 22

Middlesbrough pensioner Colin Dunford visited a friend who lived nearby before returning to his home in Leven Street where he is murdered.

Monday, April 23

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James Allen cycles from Middlesbrough to Scarborough, stopping at Whitby along the way. He spends the evening in Scarborough at an unknown location.

Mr Dunford’s body is discovered by concerned friends – the 81-year-old has been beaten to death.

Tuesday, April 24

Allen returns to Whitby, where he tries to persuade bed and breakfast and hostel owners to let him stay the night. Police say he has no money and is almost “begging”, while pretending to have an injured foot.

Wednesday, April 25

In the early hours, Allen is seen by numerous witnesses in the communal hallway of 6 Church Square.

At around 7am, Julie Davison is woken up and ushers Allen out of the building. It was the last time she was seen alive.

At 12.40pm, Ms Davison’s sister Dawn Kibble and her husband George find her dead on her lounge floor. She had been stabbed 31 times and her throat slashed.

Allen travels back to Scarborough where he sells off stolen items including a St Christopher pendant and spends the evening in a guest house.

Thursday, April 26

Allen takes a bus to Leeds, via Malton, and sells a laptop to a trader in Leeds Market. He is offered a place for the night by a man he had met called Trevor Kirton.

That afternoon, police name Allen as the chief suspect in both murders after a pathologist mentioned the link between the deaths. Hundreds of officers from Cleveland, North Yorkshire and West Yorkshire Police are drafted in, while residents across the region are publicly urged by detectives to lock their doors and windows and look-out for elderly neighbours.

Friday, April 27

Allen, who is calling himself “Marcus”, tells Mr Kirton’s girlfriend Lisa Clark not to put the lunchtime television news on as he had done something “naughty”. He leaves shortly afterwards and claims to have stayed in a farm on the outskirts of Leeds over the weekend.

Sunday, April 29

At around 7am, Allen is seen by off-duty police officer Benjamin Ryder on Crown Point Road, near the city centre. Back-up is called to the scene and he is arrested.

He is found carrying a sharpened lawn mower blade shaped like a Gurkha-style knife and a screwdriver when he is arrested, but gives himself up without a fight.