Almost half of over-50s ‘would vote to leave EU’

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Almost half of today’s over-50s would vote to leave the European Union, a new survey reveals.

In a nationwide poll of 11,211 people aged 50 and over, 45 per cent said they would vote to leave the EU. Nearly two-thirds would prefer to have a referendum before the next general election, the Populus survey, conducted on behalf of Saga, also showed.

The poll, the largest of its kind, is also significant because older people are more likely to vote than any other age group.

The strategy director for Saga Group, Tim Pethick, said: “As the UK’s political parties consider their commitment to a referendum and its timing, the nation’s over 50s, who are the most likely to enter the polling booth, have spoken out. Saga’s poll reveals an overwhelming desire for voters to have their say – and to have it sooner rather than later.”

The online survey of Saga customers, carried out between July 10 and 19, shows:

45 per cent or 5,085 people would vote to leave the EU, 
compared with 33 per cent 
or 3,665 who would vote to remain.

65 per cent or 7,255 people believe a referendum should be held before the 2015 general election, compared with 35 per cent or 3,956 who think it should wait until afterwards.