Amplify Business Club launching in Yorkshire: ‘Secrets of Growing Your Business in a Digital Age’

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There are still places available at the Amplify Business Club, launching in Yorkshire from Monday, May 20, focussing on helping local businesses achieve their business goals.

An international marketing consultant will be presenting the ‘Secrets of Growing Your Business in a Digital Age’.

This presentation will not only provide businesses with new ideas, but will also help them successfully integrate social media and digital into your marketing strategy. Amplify will demonstrate how to increase online presence by utilising the most trusted medium in the local marketplace, the Yorkshire Post and Yorkshire Evening Post.

So come along and learn about how consumers are making their purchasing decisions and how the power of online is set to have the biggest influence on consumer spending over the next twelve months.

There are a number of sessions being held between Monday 20th May and Friday 24th May, and limited spaces are available at the following venues and times:

Yorkshire Post Newspapers, No1 Leeds, 26 Whitehall Road, Leeds, LS12 1BE

Monday 20th May

• 10:30AM • 12:30PM • 2:30PM • 4:30PM • 6:00PM

Tuesday 21st May

• 9:00AM • 10:30AM • 12:30PM • 2:30PM • 4:30PM • 6:00PM

Wednesday 22nd May

• 9:00AM • 10:30AM • 12:30PM • 2:30PM • 4:30PM • 6:00PM

Mercure York Fairfield Manor Hotel, Shipton Road, Skelton, York, YO30 1XW

Thursday 23rd May

• 9:00AM • 10:30AM • 12:30PM • 2:30PM • 4:30PM • 6:00PM

Friday 24th May

• 9:00AM • 10:30AM • 12:30PM

* If you are interested in attending this week email your full name, business address and preferred venue, session, day and time to:

* If you would like to find out more about the Amplify Business Club and how to develop a winning marketing strategy for the year ahead, please email Group Commercial Manager, Richard Tamlyn at: