An arresting proposition: North Yorkshire Police headquarters up for sale

Chief Constable Dave Jones and police and crime commissioner Julia Mulligan outside the North Yorkshire Police headquarters in Newby Wiske
Chief Constable Dave Jones and police and crime commissioner Julia Mulligan outside the North Yorkshire Police headquarters in Newby Wiske
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IT’ll cost you more than a handful of coppers.

But if you’re a property hunter who’s looking for somewhere with arresting kerb appeal, it could be for you.

Following the announcement that the force is moving to Northallerton, North Yorkshire Police’s headquarters in Newby Wiske is up for sale.

The Grade II-listed property, built in 1684, has served as a police base for nearly 40 years and before that was the training centre for the old North Riding Constabulary.

Property company Kier has not put a price tag on the country estate – but it is likely to set any prospective buyers back a little more than the £13,000 paid by the Home Office the last time it was sold in 1949.

Julia Mulligan, police and crime commissioner for North Yorkshire, said: “One of the first commitments I made on taking up office was to move North Yorkshire Police out of the expensive and largely unsuitable Newby Wiske site into more accessible accommodation, better suited to a modern police service.

“Putting Newby Wiske Hall up for sale is a very welcome step along this journey, but one with mixed emotions.

“It has been used by police in North Yorkshire for over 60 years, but it is right we are moving on and can look the future with confidence.”

Built by Northumbrian landowner William Reveley, the hall’s later owners included Colonel William Mitford, a famous Greek historian, and Liverpudlian businessman William Rutson.

Rutson added new wings, windows and much of the ornate plasterwork and decorative features which remain to this day.

The clay for the brickwork was quarried from the area which now forms the lake in the grounds.

In 1921 the estate was sold to Albert Ernest Doxford, a shipping magnate from Durham, who carried out a programme of modernisation, including the installation of with electricity and central heating.

Two ornamental lions Doxford bought with him from his former home, Grindon Hall near Sunderland, still stand guard outside the main entrance. One bears the scars of being dropped on arrival at Newby Wiske.

In 1935 a pair of Cypress trees were planted outside the front entrance to mark the silver jubilee of King George V. The trees were cut down in 2005 following storms.

Following Doxford’s death in 1937 his wife continued to run the estate until it was purchased by the Home Office.

During the late 1950s the original grounds were transformed into playing fields, with most of the work being undertaken by prisoners from Northallerton jail.

North Yorkshire Police’s new headquarters will be Alverton Court in Northallerton, the former Rural Payments Agency building.

The force says it will be less expensive to run and offer better accommodation for a modern police service. Staff are due to move to their new building in autumn 2017.

Chief Constable Dave Jones said: “It is significant that such an important project for North Yorkshire Police continues to move forward, as it will ensure we can provide a more effective, efficient and sustainable policing service for everyone in our county.

“Although there will be many that will be saddened by the loss of such a historical policing building, Newby Wiske Hall can no longer support the demands of a modern police service.”

Anyone interest in purchasing Newby Wiske should contact Graham Tyerman at Keir on 01642 727453.