Market’s spirit sells itself to TV’s retail guru Mary

Trader John Slack: Picture by Chris Lawton
Trader John Slack: Picture by Chris Lawton
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There has been a market in Barnsley since at least 1249 when it was first chartered.

Today, there are over 300 stalls located in both indoor and outdoor areas, offering fresh local meats, fish and fruit and vegetables, while freshly-cut flowers are delivered to the market every day.

There are also stalls selling books, records, cosmetics, jewellery and toys.

Rental costs for the smallest stalls – which are all provided by Barnsley Council – start from as little £6.05 per day.

The council-run market also offers a variety of incentives to draw in punters, including: free parking on Saturdays, free lunches for coach drivers and free goodie bags for shoppers arriving by coach.

There are also lifts, ramps, baby changing facilities, disabled toilets and disabled car parking.

Last month saw 17 coaches visiting the markets.

The council has introduced a series of continental and specialist markets, attracting new traders and new customers to the town.

It supports stalls for young entrepreneurs to trade products that they manufacture and assist them on their journey as start up businesses.

The number of lettings has increased on all markets, with just two per cent of the semi-open market still available.

The market is open every day except Thursdays with a second-hand car boot sale on Sundays.