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The Wizard of Oz remains one of the most popular films of all time.  (AP Photo/Warner Bros).
The Wizard of Oz remains one of the most popular films of all time. (AP Photo/Warner Bros).
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Black Friday, an expensive dress and festive TV adverts

1) The cost of renewing Britain’s nuclear submarine programme Trident has soared. But how much is it now expected to cost?

a - £31bn

b - £41bn

c - £51bn

d - £61bn

2) A new two-month festival is being held in Hull next year to celebrate which famous person?

a - Amy Johnson

b - J Arthur Rank

c - Philip Larkin

d - William Wilberforce

3) How much are Britons expected to spend this weekend between Black Friday and Cyber Monday?

a - £1.5bn

b - £2.5bn

c - £3.5bn

d - £5bn

4) Xscape Yorkshire, the ski slope attraction in Castleford, attracted more people over the last 12 months than The Tower of London. But how many visitors did it get?

a - two million

b - three million

c - four million

d - five million

5) A dress worn by Judy Garland as Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz has sold for more than £1m at auction. What year did the classic film come out?

a - 1937

b - 1939

c - 1941

d - 1946

6) Which retail giant has re-entered the war of the Christmas ads with a cheeky take on the John Lewis Man on the Moon tearjerker?

a - Aldi

b - Asda

c - Marks & Spencer

d - Morrisons

7) Freddie Mercury died this week in 1991. But where was the Queen frontman born?

a - Zambia

b - Zante

c - Zanzibar

d - Luton

8) Who did John McDonnell quote during his response to the Chancellor George Osborne’s Autumn Statement in the House of Commons?

a - Karl Marx

b - Chairman Mao

c - Lenin

d - John Lennon

9) Great Britain is competing in the Davis Cup Final this weekend, but where is it being held?

a - Antwerp

b - Bruges

c - Brussels

d - Ghent

10) Henry Moore’s sculpture, Reclining Figure: Umbilicus, was sold at auction in London for how much?

a - £1.3m

b - £1.5m

c - £1.7m

d - £2.1m

11) Which TV channel will be moving online next February?

a - BBC 3

b - BBC 4

c - Channel 5

d - Sky Arts

ANSWERS: 1) A - £31bn. 2) A - Amy Johnson. 3) C £3.5bn. 4) C - four million. 5) B - 1939. 6) A - Aldi. 7) C - Zanzibar. 8) B - Chairman Mao. 9) D - Ghent. 10) C - £1.7m. 11) A - BBC 3.