Quiz of the Week: Fake news, ‘send to all’ error and web-savvy four-year-olds

President-elect Donald Trump
President-elect Donald Trump
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An NHS office worker this week ‘broke’ the organisation’s email system by accidentally sending out a test message to all 840,000 recipients but what made the problem worse, according to the NHS’s IT department?

a) The fact it used emoticons

b) The number of people replying to the blank message

c) It contained an expletive

d) It contained a virus

2. How much is US President-elect Donald Trump worth?

a) $1.7bn

b) $2.7bn

c) $3.7bn

d) $4.7bn

3. Ministers this week unveiled detailed plans for the £55.7bn HS2 rail line, indicating the routes the controversial line will take to Birmingham, before splitting into two branches, one running to Liverpool, the other to Leeds – in what year is it expected the Leeds branch will open?

a) 2030

b) 2031

c) 2032

d) 2033

4. Google and facebook have said they will try to block so-called ‘fake news’, following criticisms such stories helped sway the US election. How much money was it alleged some teenagers were making by creating controversial ‘fake news’ stories based on people’s prejudices?

a) $5,000 a month

b) $500 a month

$100,000 a year

$1m a year

5. According to research from Ofcom, how long does the average three and four-year-old spend on line each week?

a) Four hours

b) Six hours

c) Eight hours

d) Ten hours

6. A sketchbook alleged to have been used by Vincent Van Gogh was uncovered this week but experts cast doubt upon its authenticity. The sketches were made in 1888, two years before he died after shooting himself in the chest. At what age did he die?

a) 30

b) 33

c) 35

d) 37

7. What did researchers link to a higher mortality rate in older people this week?

a) smoking

b) poor diet

c) pessimism

d) watching too many TV box sets

8. Ukip leader Nigel Farage was at the heart of a media storm after he became the first British politician to meet US President-elect Trump. When was he first elected an MEP?

a) 1994

b) 1999

c) 2004

d) 2009

9. What has Bob Dylan said he is unlikely to do next year?

a) write any more songs

b) travel

c) collect his Nobel Prize

d) become a Buddhist monk

10. Residents in Tidenham, Gloucestershire, want what banned because it causes people to swear a lot?

a) new parking restrictions

b) an electric fence

c) self-service supermarket tills

d) a 40mph zip wire

ANSWERS: 1. b) the number of people replying to the blank message. 2 c) $3.7bn. 3. d) 2033. 4. a) $5,000 a month. 5. c) Eight hours. 6. d) 37 7. c) pessimism. 8. b) 1999. 9. c) collect his Nobel Prize. 10. d) A 40mph zip wire