Quiz of the week: Harry, Jeremy and the start of the Rugby World Cup

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How many can you get right?

1) New Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has had a busy old time of it. What seemed to upset people most about his first week in office?

a - his choice of clothing

b - his novel approach to Prime Minister’s Questions

c - his refusal to sing the national anthem

d - his admission that he sings The Red Flag in the shower

2) Sir Elton John was taken in by a high-profile phone prank this week – but who did he think was on the other end of the line?

a - The Pope

b - Vladimir Putin

c - Prince Charles

d - The Dalai Lama

3) Prince Harry turned 31 on Tuesday, but what took people by surprise on the big day?

a - his new beard

b - his decision to give up alcohol

c - his new girlfriend

d - his sudden fear of flying

4) The Rugby World Cup kicks off this evening with hosts England getting the tournament under way at Twickenham. But who are their first opponents?

a - Wales

b - Australia

c - Samoa

d - Fiji

5) Which country was heavily criticised after using tear gas and water cannons on migrants who tried to break down a border fence?

a - Austria

b - Romania

c - Hungary

d - Slovakia

6) It was revealed this week that David Beckham has recently done some acting. In which new film does he have a cameo role?

a - The Man From U.N.C.L.E

b - Spectre

c - Bend It Like Beckham 2

d - Legend

7) The term ‘orthorexic’ has been coined to describe a newly-identified addiction – but to what?

a - reading books

b - healthy eating

c - making lists

d - obsessive cleaning

8) The name of the new Amazon motoring show fronted by Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May was seemingly unearthed this week. What is it tipped to be?

a - Fifth Gear

b - Drive Shaft

c - Gear Knobs

d - Fast and Furious

9) Which group of angry workers did police evict from a question time session with Mayor of London Boris Johnson after he called them “luddites”?

a - teachers

b - taxi drivers

c - librarians

d - firefighters

10) Which former British Prime Minister did US presidential hopeful Jeb Bush this week say should have their face on the $10 bill?

a - Tony Blair

b - Winston Churchill

c - Margaret Thatcher

d - Clement Attlee

11) A pedestrianisation scheme referred to by comedy character Alan Partridge finally won backing from the city he hails from this week. But where is it?

a - Exeter

b - Cambridge

c - Bath

d - Norwich

Answers: 1. c - refusing to sing the national anthem. 2. b - Vladimir Putin. 3. a - his new beard. 4. d - Fiji. 5. c - Hungary. 6. a - The Man from U.N.C.L.E. 7. b - healthy eating. 8. c - Gear Knobs. 9. b - taxi drivers. 10. c - Margaret Thatcher. 11. d - Norwich.