Quiz of the week: Snow warnings, dodgy cars and a ‘new’ grammar school

Sir Cliff Richard celebrated a landmark birthday this week, but which one? Photo: Joe Giddens/PA Wire
Sir Cliff Richard celebrated a landmark birthday this week, but which one? Photo: Joe Giddens/PA Wire
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How much do you remember from the last seven days?

1) Education Secretary Nicky Morgan this week approved the first ‘new’ grammar school in 50 years as the Government allowed an existing school to expand with a second site. Where was it?

a) Yorkshire

b) Kent

c) Hertfordshire

d) Essex

2) Sir Cliff Richard celebrated a milestone birthday this week with a concert at the Royal Albert Hall. How old was he?

a) 70

b) 65

c) 75

d) 80

3) Under fire car manufacturer Volkswagen is in the headlines in the wake of revelations that it cheated on diesel emissions tests. How many cars has it been ordered to recall in Germany?

a) 2.4m

b) 3.2m

c) 1.1m

d) 4.2m

4) Which cricketer dropped two costly catches on the first day of the first Test between England and Pakistan?

a) Alastair Cook

b) Jonny Bairstow

c) Jos Butler

d) Ian Bell

5) The Scenic Railway, a 1920s wooden rollercoaster, was back up and running this week at a theme park at which UK seaside resort?

a) Blackpool

b) Skegness

c) Margate

d) Cleethorpes

6) The Office for National Statistics published its Crime Survey this week. How many incidents of fraud did it estimate there had been in England and Wales in the last year?

a) 500,000

b) One million

c) Three million

d) Five million

7) Forecasters predicted Yorkshire was in for its worst winter in half a century with snow starting to fall in November. When did they say the snowfall could continue until?

a) April

b) March

c) February

d) May

8) Which television journalist said this week that older people should downsize to allow younger families access to larger homes?

a) Jeremy Paxman

b) Esther Rantzen

c) David Dimbleby

d) Robert Peston

9) Who did SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon call “unreliable and unelectable” in her conference speech this week?

a) Boris Johnson

b) The Labour Party

c) The Liberal Democrats


10) This year’s Booker Prize winning novel was inspired by the attempted assassination of which popular musician?

a) Bob Marley

b) John Lennon

c) Elvis Presley

d) Jimi Hendrix

11) Who apologised this week after knocking over a schoolboy during a game of touch rugby while on a visit to Tokyo?

a) David Cameron

b) George Osborne

c) Boris Johnson

d) Nick Clegg


1) b – Kent. 2) c – 75. 3) a – 2.4m. 4) d – Ian Bell. 5) b – Skegness. 6) d – Five million. 7) b – March. 8) d – Robert Peston. 9) b – The Labour Party. 10) a – Bob Marley. 11) c – Boris Johnson.